Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We had the great luck during our trip as the Going to the Sun Road opened for the season on our second day in the park. We had a beautiful snowy hike to hidden lake on practically untouched snow. The weather was quite chilly for June, but it was fun to be missing out on the Atlanta weather that was closer to the 90s. The last couple photos are from our stop at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump on our way to Banff, a very cool museum that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy!

Melissa & Jarno | Ray's on the River Wedding

Melissa and Jarno's wedding at Ray's on the River was such a beautiful and heartfelt day.  The weather was perfect for a wedding along side the river. These two lovebirds were pen pals before they got engaged, how adorable is that? Jarno is from Holland so Melissa included some really cute touches that reminded him of home. Did I mention she is a graphic designer who created all her paper goods as well? What a talent! The entire day was filled with laughter, delicious food, and an awesome surprise getaway car! 

Atlanta to Yellowstone

This summer was probably one of the best of my life. Last year my husband and I decided to take a road trip this summer. What started out as a trip to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area, turned into a 5 week road trip around the country that saw us drive over 13,000 miles, through 15 states. I took so many photographs, and I am still slowly but surely working on editing them all. This first post is a glimpse of our trip from Atlanta to Yellowstone. Our first stops were Boulder and Denver to visit family. I lived in Boulder for two years in college and it was really awesome to be back. We also stopped in Lander, Wyoming to camp in Sinks Canyon Park next to a crazy rushing swollen river. As we worked our way up to The park, we stopped in the Tetons. They were unbelievable, and a hike around Jenny Lake is not to be missed.

Yellowstone was just as amazing as I expected. We stayed our first two nights in the Old Faithful Inn, and I think I can honestly say it may be my favorite hotel of all time. Our room was in the oldest part of the Inn and it was so cozy and rustic. The bathrooms were gorgeous replicas of what I'm sure were the fanciest bathrooms back in the day they were built. Also who doesn't want to sit on a porch with a glass of wine while watching Old Faithful erupt? Add in lots of comfy leather rocking chairs, live music, and giant fireplaces and I'm pretty sure I had to be pried out of that place.

The natural wonders in Yellowstone are truly everywhere. The park is so large and we spent five days exploring the different areas. We hiked to the top of Elephant Back Mountain, where you are rewarded with an amazing view of  Yellowstone Lake. We visited most of the geyser basin areas, got stuck in many a bison jam, and even saw bears and wolves in Lamar Valley. Yellowstone surely lived up to its name as the Serengeti of North America, nowhere else in the country did we see so many different types of animals. 

Looking back on the trip it seems a little bit like it was a dream, but luckily we have so many amazing memories and photographs to remind us everyday of our great adventures.  So without further ado, Part 1: Atlanta to Yellowstone.